Three months of iterations have arrived at this final design. These 3D printed canards have built in LEDs that can be controlled via bluetooth with a phone app. Give your SC the ultimate bump in ricer technology. They will increase your Klout by at least 69 street creds. Instagram follows are guaranteed. 


These bolt right into the original corner light location, no modifications required anywhere. Wiring them in is just a positive and ground wire. The controller is encased in epoxy and waterproof heat shrink for durability. The wiring harness is wrapped in nylon sheathing as well. Each canard has waterproof plugs for simple plug and play installation and long term durability. The LEDs inside the canards are encased in epoxy resin for complete waterproofing. A Carbon Fiber rod connects the top and bottom canard together for added rigidity. 


The canards are shipped unpainted so you can paint whatever light pattern you wish to see. If you want to leave them unpainted, a coat of clear is recommended to keep them from yellowing in the sun. 


When painting or wrapping, white primer is recommended as a first layer to help bounce more light through the canard. Using black or gray primer can reduce the light output drasitcally. 

SC300/400 RGBW LED Corner Light Canards

  • All products are printed per order. May take up to 10 days before your product will be shipped.