After 30 years of the Lexus SC existing no one has made a simple shift knob to replace the existing girthy boi that the car came with, until now. Finally a simple shift knob that replaces the original and still utilizes the original screw cover that clips right on. 


The Overdrive button has to be relocated or removed. The plug for the OD button also has to be removed for the shift knob to fit. 


All bases where the screw holes are will be printed and shipped black. 


Here's an install video 


Update V1.1: The ShiftKnob body has been smoothed out more so polygons are no longer visible. It is also slightly thicker at the bottom to prevent print artifacts that were happening with light colors. Shift knobs will also no longer be clear coated. 


Update V1.12: The Shiftknob is now printed with more plastic. The button is completely solid plastic to give it more thermal mass and prevent deformation in hot climates. If you experience deformation in a very hot climate message me and we'll sort it out. 



SC300/400 AutoKnob V1.12

Knob Color
Button Color